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new website design

Most businesses need a website in this day of age but what kind of website do you need?

  • Brochure Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Blog Websites
  • Bespoke Web Design
  • Content Management

Whether your a small business or start-up electrician, accountant, or a plumber we can design a website presence which will sell your services at a cost effective price.

Brochure websites are a great way of showcasing your products and services on the internet.

If your business content does not change that much then a professional brochure website could be the option for you.

A brochure website is effectively an on-line version of your printed brochure. This type of website does save your business money as the printing costs are with your client although it could be a further option for your customers to download a copy of the website as a PDF which could be viewed offline later on their computer.

Usually brochure websites have more images than text with the graphical images having more of an impact. Some brochure websites have a Content Management built in but depending on the requirements this isn’t always necessary.

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Sell your products or services beautifully with an eCommerce website.

We can provide your business a professionally designed eCommerce website, packed full of features and integrate it to a payment gateway of your choice.

The eCommerce software we use has a broad range of extensions which can be plugged in to allow more functionality whether your looking to import products from a CSV file, allow customers to customise the input boxes for a product, dynamic pricing for different types of bulk discounts or price adjustments, adding WorldPay, SagePay, UPS Shipping and lots more.

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Blog websites are good for those who are running a news, article or magazine business.

We can deliver a blog website on the very popular WordPress content management system, allowing you to post articles, add to categories, tag, upload images and with the ability for customers to post comments.

To make your blog website stand out from the rest, we can customise the design to be contemporary, traditional or creatively designed.

Stamp your place on the internet with a blog and write your blogs to the world. The more you blog the better and generally most search engines results are pointed to a blog post.

Our blog websites can be for personal or business purposes. All with the same goal to help customers find that information they wanted to read. Training and advice can be given to help you o your way top conquering your niche market. We also have experience with affiliate marketing which can be integrated seamlessly into your blog with promotion banners and links.

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When the norm just isn’t quite good enough

If you want a totally bespoke website which hasn’t been seen on the internet then we can help you. These websites usually cost more because we would start with a blank canvas, design every aspect of the website.

The following items would be bespoke:

  • Header
  • Content Styling
  • Background
  • Footer
  • Buttons
  • Navigation
  • Text Styling

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Update your content with a content management system.

Most websites are content managed with a massive diversity in available open source content management systems (CMS) out there.

However if your website needs content managing, or you are struggling with your existing CMS we offer WordPress integration and for any complex requirements we could custom build a CMS for you.

We usually find WordPress to be pretty flexible and customers lean towards WordPress because of of its reputation and sheer intuitive features.

We have built many websites on WordPress, added several plugins, installed widgets and customised loads of themes.

WordPress comes with the expansion to create new plugin to add extra functionality if you need a specific requirement.

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