SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Your website needs to be found on the search engines including Google, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what we do to optimise your website to get found on the search engines. There are several techniques both on page and off page to get your website ranking on the search engines. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google attracts approximately 60% of worldwide searches at 37 billion, with Yahoo (8.5 billion) and Microsoft (2.2 billion).

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Between us we have over 25 years experience and always give honest feedback and identify realistic expectations.

On Page SEO

This is the code itself which needs optimising whether it could be header tags, speed of the website loading time, resolving JavaScript issues, broken links, meta data and other things. We would run a audit report on your web pages for you keywords to get a clear insight on the best way to optimise without causing issues or conflicts with your content, accessibility or usability on your website.

Off Page SEO

This is the linking of websites to your website whether it would be from other relevant websites in your industry, business directories, social networks like Facebook and Twitter or even an email marketing campaign. We have the tools to check your back link profile and make sure you have anchor text keywords pointing to your website from authoritative websites which help rankings dramatically. We do not buy links from non relevant websites and send thousands of links to your homepage with one keyword or key phrase.

Words of advice on SEO

Be careful of anyone promising “guaranteed top results”, “submission to thousands of search engines and directories”, “instant results”, “permanent top positions” or similar methods. These people usually don’t know what they are doing and are worth avoiding. If they can get you an instant result they are probably using Google Adwords which has a cost per click and can rack up a big bill. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee that your site achieves number one placement unless they run the search engine results or unless the top ranking is for a keyword or key phrase that exists only on your site. Yeah right!

We will be honest if we can accomplish good rankings with a simple analysis of your website, your chosen keywords and competition.

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What work is actually involved?

Onsite Work

  • We need to ensure that the website is very relevant to the keywords.
  • Keywords will need to be located in important areas of the website to the correct ratio, i.e. titles, descriptions, page text, links, footers, etc.
  • This will also involve building new pages on the website on an ongoing basis.

Offsite Work

  • Google will need to see relevant links from other quality websites.
  • This is a major factor when they decide your ranking positions.
  • We will identify potential linking positions by researching your competitors and targeting the locations where they have links.
  • We can also register new domain names with the keywords in them, which will act as links.
  • We also manage a network of websites (existing customers, directories) where we can place immediate links.

Other Google Products

  • We will also work on your Google My Business (Maps) listing.
  • We’ll also ensure that Google Analytics (web stats) is set-up and working properly.
  • As well as Google Webmaster Tools (Google website analysis).


  • We will target the major search engines: Google (priority), Yahoo and MSN (Bing).
  • A ranking report will be prepared at the start of work and will be updated each month, this shows things like current ranking position, last month position, best position, etc.
  • We will also evaluate Google Analytics stats which will help when making decisions with ongoing marketing and website updates.